Hand Painted Truck Art Inspired Mug

Hand Painted Truck Art Inspired Mug

Bunte Markhor
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Ceramic mug, embellished with love, pay homage to Pakistani truck art.  It is hand painted and embellished with Chamak Patti. The designs are derivative of art seen on Pakistani trucks, done skilfully by local artisans, using a calming cerulean blue as the base and bright and cheerful chamak pattis to make buntes Leben a reality for you.

Note: This mug is to be hand washed only and not suitable for microwave.

Material: ceramic

Size: 10.5(H) x 8.5(W) cm

Sold as a single mug, set of 2, and set of 4.

About the craft: An important element of truck art is Chamak Patti. Literally translated, chamak means shiny and patti are stickers; it is an art form where artisans cut small pieces of reflective sticker sheets to create a design, which is then made into patterns and affixed onto tin sheets or on engraved metal that cover the trucks or buses’ exteriors. It is an extremely time consuming, detail oriented and distinctive art form.

Traditionally, and even today in many workshops around Pakistan, chamak patti work is done completely by hands - from cutting and hand beating to designing and then adding to a truck’s exterior. These pieces are sometimes as small as half a centimetre, to go around the entire length and breadth of a bus.