About Bunte Markhor

Bunte Markhor* brings centuries old indigenous Pakistani handicraft to the wider world. Headquartered in Berlin, it is home to a curated selection of ethically produced lifestyle and fashion products, handmade by artisans from across the country - from shores of Arabian Sea to the valleys of Gilgit and Hunza. It was borne to bridge the gap between precious crafts from Pakistan and the European market, and help find these handmade artisanal wares new homes, where they are enjoyed and appreciated. 

Every product on Bunte Markhor tells a story: a story of its maker, how it was made, where it comes from, and why that object is an important representation of traditional craft and cultural heritage. Accompanied by stories, these artisanal wares become a piece of heirloom home decor, rich with history and made with passion.

On the other end of the spectrum, Bunte Markhor helps local artists in rural Pakistan (many of whom currently live on less 65€/month) keep the craft alive by adding a new stream of income for them. It is heartbreaking to see a brilliant ajrak maker in Bhit Shah discontinue producing crimson and indigo shawls with natural dye and resist painting technique using hundreds of years old printing blocks, because it doesn't earn him enough to feed his family of 6.

Given a choice, these craftsmen would prefer to continue creating art that has been in their families for generations. Most of these men and women were taught by their elders, who sourced raw materials from surrounding nature. They sat on the floor, with others from the community, and produced a range of products that employed centuries old craft, eco-friendly raw material and so unique that no two products could ever be identical.

With Bunte Markhor, Pakistani indigenous crafts get a new lease of life and involved artists get an opportunity for an economically prosperous future.

* Bunte is a German word that translates to colourful. Markhor is the national animal of Pakistan, known for its precious long and curly horns. The animal is considered rare and is being guarded against extinction. When put together, Bunte Markhor encapsulates the soul of this platform. It’s colourful, home to rare and unique products, created by artisans who are also struggling to survive and keep centuries old craft alive.

Before you go...

Everything we do, including our supply chain management, is guided by a set of defined values, which we uphold with utmost honesty and integrity. These values include our commitment to the preservation of craft, development of craftsmen, operating as an ethical business and contributing towards social mobility for craftsmen in both quantitative as well as qualitative terms.

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