It's the season of giving...

As we turn into the last month of 2021, there is a festive chill in the air. Many cities are a glittering snowball, and warming hands with a cup of 
Glühwein is serving as a welcome distraction from the difficult year that we have all had.
And the onset of December also marks the season of giving, so we have curated a guide of 10 items that you can buy for your loved ones, with the assurance that each product is handmade, ethically produced, one of a kind, and a crowd please.

1. Contemporary Kashikari Ceramic Platter

The traditional, handmade, blue and white Kashi platter is a product of rich Sindhi cultural and ancestral tapestry that has survived for centuries and passed on through generations. The beautiful ceramic platter features traditional floral prints and has designed edges that follow a lace-like pattern with extra attention to detailing.
It is perfect for serving* hors d'oeuvres at parties, soirées and brunches. Alternatively, they can also be used as charming decorative items in your living spaces.

2. Ehwaal Thread Earring

Ehwaal earrings are truly fit for a queen. The luxe pair has many different elements, all coming together to create an artisanal piece - a silver rose flower, handmade gold sequence flower, cotton thread tassels, art beads and metal accessories.

3. Ghostnet Statement Necklace


Nasheman’s necklaces are made of ghost (fishing) nets that are retrieved from the Indian Ocean and weaved by the wives of fishermen in collaboration with Olive Ridley Project. Through this, it aims to conserve marine life, up-cycle plastic waste, and support the fishermen community. Each item is individually handcrafted with sustainable materials and minimal carbon foot print. Any variations are part of its unique character.

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4. Hand-embroidered Markhor on Denim Laptop Sleeve

Artfully embroidered bunte Markhor onto denim to create a stylish cover for your laptop and tablets.  Made by female artisans of rural Sindh.

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5. Handwoven Date Palm Leaf Storage Basket

One of a kind, beautiful and food safe handwoven storage basket made of date palm leaves with a tribal design. They can be used to store fruits or bread, or just a naturalistic option for home storage.

6. Arabian Jasmine Soy Wax Vegan Candle

Hand poured soywax candle, with heady and nostalgic motia (Arabian jasmine flower) fragrance. Motia Noir is a tribute to Karachi, with a heady, mesmerizing and undeniable fragrance. It's the kind of scent that lingers hours after it has been put to bed.

7. Mughal Thread Bangle

Statement bangle, Mughal is handmade with art stones, silver metal beads and gold zari, and has suede finishing.

8. Premium hand embroidered faux leather belt

Faux leather belt with hand embroidered Phulkari patch sewn in. Women of Haripur district in northern Pakistan use silk thread to embroider cotton fabric, which is then sewn onto a faux leather belt. An artistic expression for urban living.

9. Handwoven Date Palm Leaf Flat Basket

One of a kind, beautiful and food safe handwoven basket made of date palm leaves with a floral design. They can be used to decorate, store fruits and vegetables, display objects and anything else you can imagine. They are highly heat resistant, can be used as a trivet for woks or any pots or dishes with a slightly rounded bottom. They are easy to clean with a damp cloth.

10. Swati Hand Painted Serving Tray

A beautiful wooden tray, hand-painted in traditional Swati tribal art by men and women of the Valley. The vibrant parakeet tray is emblazoned with gorgeous floral motifs and no two trays are alike.
Happy holiday season everyone!

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